Mission, View and Values

Mission, View and Values


Current global crisis has directly impacted the transport business, competition with large operators, declining demand and  pressure on prices have put many of them in a very delicate situation.

Shale Gas Revolution, with lower prices in Natural Gas, and regulations to limit pollution emissions, causes an opportunity in Europe (and specially in Spain) as it is already happening in the USA.

Company Fleets need to minimize their costs and must follow environmental regulations.

GAS&GO, present throughout the value chain, offers the possibility of converting fleets, design and build the necessary infrastructure supply, maintain and provide after sales service to both the fleet and facilities.

Current situation opens up opportunities of service delivery, logistics, skilled manpower available or facilities installation of public spaces for sale.

GAS&GO clients will be provided with top quality equipment, comprehensive service, guarantees and after sales service.

Currently there is no company on the market that offers this service globally.



  • Develop and Promote the use of Natural Gas as an alternative fuel in transport.

View and values

  • medioambienteENVIRONMENT
  • compromisoCOMMITMENT
  • calidadQUALITY
  • seguridadSECURITY
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