GAS&GO team is formed with professionals with more than 20 years of experience in multiple disciplines as Engineer, Transport, Industrial Vehicles Retrofitting, Automotive, Energy, Construction and Aeronautics, with a special emphasis into renewables energies and a sustainable use of alternative fuels as Natural Gas. We bring our experience managing large industrial projects, building CNG and LNG fueling stations, managing retrofitting garages and industrial and commercial vehicles retrofitting.

GAS&GO was born with the aim of promoting the use of Natural Gas as an alternative fuel. GAS&GO offers customized solutions combining own developed products over other providers products.

Current transport model is not sustainable:

  • Global warming + CO2 emissions + energy consumption.
  • Increasing urban air pollution.
  • Volatile and increasing fuel prices.
  • Limited global reserves.

This drives us to:

  • Reduce EMISSIONS to atmosphere.
  • DIVERSIFY fuels.
  • Improving EFFICIENCY in technology.